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Indulge your sugar craving with this healthy ragi ladoo

27 June 2019 , 0 comments / 0 likes
Desserts can be a huge temptation, especially if you have a sweet tooth and are trying to eat healthy. The simple workaround is to make your dessert healthy. Traditional Indian desserts can be made healthy by making small changes such as switching the refined sugar with jaggery or date syrup and using millets instead of refined flour.

This ragi ladoo is made with ragi flour and jaggery. It is gluten free, refined sugar free and rich in iron, fibre and calcium. Ragi or Finger Millet is one of the most popularly used millets in the country; it is easy to digest and is recommended for all ages – from infants to senior citizens.

With this ragi ladoo recipe, indulge your sweet tooth without any of the guilt!


Ragi flour 2 cups
Milk 1 cup
Jaggery to taste
Khoya roasted in ghee
Ghee 1 cup
Cardamom 1 tbsp, ground


Roast the Ragi flour in ghee till you get a nice aroma. Heat milk and add grated or powdered jaggery to it.

Create a mixture of the cooked flour, khoya and cardamom. Make balls from the mixture while it is warm. Serve warm or cold.