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BBQ'd Jerk Chicken - A dish for special occasions and celebrations

14 February 2017 , 0 comments / 8 likes
Celebrate moments of love and togetherness and days full of special memories and joys with Godrej Tyson Food's Chef Rahul Bhukesh's recipe of Barbecued Jerk Chicken. This easy-to-make spicy and crisply barbecued Jamaican dish will make your special occasions even more special and count for a lifetime of memories. BBQ'd Jerk Chicken is a perfect dish to chop away the ups and downs in life and ring in the good times.

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Ingredients for barbecued jerk chicken:

Godrej Real Good chicken whole legs:
2 pieces
Ground allspice: 5gms
Ground cinnamon: 5gms
Dried thyme: 1gm
Grated nutmeg:  1gm
Brown sugar: 6gm
Crushed garlic cloves: 25gms
Chopped onion: 25gms
Chopped spring onion: 15gms
Malt vinegar: 20ml
Cooking oil: 30ml
Lime juice: 15ml
Freshly chopped red chilies: 8gms
Salt: to taste
Black pepper: to taste
Aragula/rocquette leaves: for serving/garnishing

To start with, add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them using a fork or a balloon beater until a thick paste is formed. Take the pre-cleaned Real Good chicken and cut it length-wise to ensure the chicken soaks the marinade properly. Marinate the chicken for at least 3–4 hours. Post marination, roast the chicken for about 15 minutes on a barbeque grill, flipping at regular intervals for uniform roasting on all sides. Baste the chicken using butter or oil. Finally, serve it hot on a bed of arugula leaves with a light sprinkle of lemon juice. Your barbecued jerk chicken is ready to be enjoyed with a glass of white wine.    

Note: Can also be cooked in a preheated oven for 45 minutes by flipping at regular intervals.