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Juicy Mutton Tikka in a microwave

The New Year’s Eve party is incomplete without barbecues. How about cooking the compliment-worthy tender mutton tikka in a microwave?...Read More
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Learn the art of cooking Salmon and Lime in a microwave

Ever wondered how to cook salmon in a microwave? Try cooking this quick-cooking salmon and lime in a microwave from Chef Inderpreet Nagpal’s...Read More
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Kick off your weekday dinner with this no-fuss Coconut Steamed fish

This maximum flavour and no-fuss recipe of Chef Inderpreet Nagpal in the digital cookbook by Godrej Appliances is healthy and simple...Read More
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A quick and healthy breakfast for people on the go

For many, life is on the fast lane. Breakfast, an important meal of the day is often missed due to lack of time....Read More
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Delicious and creamy Potato Au Gratin is a must try

Looking for the perfect potato side dish? Chef Smita Deo’s tummy pleasing potato au gratin recipe with a crispy golden top from ...Read More
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How to make the perfect Poached Egg breakfast in a microwave

Caught up with preparing for your New Year’s Eve party? No time to eat amidst all the organising and running around? Don’t skip...Read More
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