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Why baking homemade bread is easier than you think

23 October 2018 , 0 comments / 0 likes
It’s not just the aroma of a freshly baked bread, but the softness, it’s texture and the freshness make you go weak in the knees. So, if you are a die-hard fan of freshly baked bread and find yourself heading to the store every time you need a loaf of bread, stop right there! 

Homemade bread is extremely easy to bake. All you need to figure are the basics – crack that code and you can move on to experimenting with the fancier fare. Cake artist and baker Jeyadra Vijayselvan spoke about baking bread at Home Baker Matters in Bengaluru. She had some words of wisdom for budding bread bakers. Here are four easy tips to get that perfect fresh, pillowy loaf of bread! 


Read, watch and apply

It’s no secret that baking is both a science and art. It’s important to know about the different ingredients and how they affect the final product. Jeyadra stressed on understanding the technical aspects of baking bread, “Conduct research and get into minute details. If I didn’t know an ingredient, I would conduct research about it.” Read instructions while actually baking the bread – don’t skip techniques or steps since that will affect the outcome.

Get the basics right

Baking bread at home is one of the easy. The most basic ingredients are usually flour, yeast, water and salt. “All you need to keep in mind is maintaining the right temperature of liquids to yeast,” she says. Try improvising and experimenting with different breads only after you are comfortable with one basic recipe. Getting adventurous too soon could be a recipe for disaster.

Time management is key

The popular notion is that baking bread is a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience. But Jeyadra disagrees with this. She says, “Baking bread at home isn’t time consuming as many people feel. It just requires 30-40 minutes of prepping the previous night and you can have freshly baked bread in the morning for breakfast.”

Enjoy the process

People who often bake bread, love it for a reason. Many say it is a joyful and relaxing method. Don’t worry about baking a “perfect” bread. Just enjoy the entire process. Chances are no one is going to sit and pick out faults in your loaf. Who can resist fresh homemade bread after all? Our tip – enjoy it warm, slathered with lots of butter (and jam, if you like)!

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