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Modern Kitchen, The Soul Of The Home

23 October 2015 , 0 comments / 4 likes
Kitchens have come a long way from just being a room where food would be cooked. Cooking has become a social activity today and the kitchen is playing an increasingly central role in people’s lives and their homes
Take a trip down memory lane and you are sure to notice that the kitchens of yore looked completely different then. They used to be large and separate units detached from the main living area. We all probably have fond memories of our mothers cooking their delicacies in the kitchen and the family dining together in the dining room. 

So much has changed over the years. With rising incomes, changing lifestyles and a lack of space, the modern kitchen is shrinking in size and has been integrated with the social areas of the house. Today, we dine at the kitchen counter while the whole family and even guests participate in cooking. The kitchen is no longer just a space assigned for preparing food.

Image source: Godrej Interio

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor – the man who brought television inside Indian kitchens – and the growing number of TV shows have changed the way we view cooking. It is no more considered as a chore but rather has turned into a stress busting activity. The kitchen has become a place of experimentation and showcasing culinary prowess.  

It is very difficult to figure the cooking style of a user just by looking at a kitchen. Evolving palettes, changing lifestyles and rising incomes have replaced many traditional tools with modern electronic gadgets. Kitchen layouts (such as the island style or L shape) have so much utility equipment integrated in them that kitchens have increasingly become innovative due to space constraints. Modern kitchens are designed with two basic aims in mind – to manage space to effectively integrate modern appliances such as blenders, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers, and secondly, to optimise storage areas.

Today, the kitchen is also being integrated with living areas. Open kitchens are very popular in modern apartments – they are flexible enough to have a party in and showcase the art of cooking and engaging with friends and family. That is how dynamic and vibrant this space is.

So with all this said, let’s be witness to the future evolution of kitchens as who knows, what is next in store might completely revolutionise the way we cook.

Keep cooking, keep eating, keep loving! If you were to change one aspect of your kitchen, what would it be?