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Mothers can heave a sigh of relief as Godrej Jersey brings back the excitement around milk at Bengaluru

28 August 2018 , 0 comments / 0 likes
One of the biggest worries for mothers nowadays is the snacks consumed by their children in-between meals. While grappling with the lack of excitement amongst children to consume milk, they are forced to give in to their child’s demand to fulfill hunger pangs, at the cost of meeting the daily nutritional intake. Mothers are constantly hunting for some healthy options for children which would involve milk. Television actor-turned-chef Amrita Raichand, conducted a workshop in Bengaluru’s Godrej Nature Basket to talk about healthy snacking habits around milk, using Creamline Dairy Products Limited’s Jersey Thickshakes
Amrita Raichand

Amrita Raichand addressed the most common worry of mothers – lack of excitement amongst children to consume milk. She said, “Kids today prefer variety and that poses a challenge for mothers to constantly rustle up healthy snacks. One ingredient that mothers cannot go wrong with is milk or dairy products. It offers nutritive value much needed in a child’s diet and allows her to rustle up innumerable choices of snacks to meet the demand.”

Amrita Raichand

Creamline Dairy Private Limited, a subsidiary of Godrej Agrovet Limited, manufactures Jersey Thickshakes. It is made from ‘100% Real milk’ and comes with children’s favourite flavours Chocolate, Strawberry and an all-new exciting flavour Banoffee, a delectable mix of Banana and Toffee.

Amrita Raichand

Through Jersey Thickshakes, Godrej aims to bridge the gap between fulfilling your child’s hunger needs and meet their daily nutritional requirements. Jersey Thickshakes are manufactured from 100% milk in a hygienic environment.

With the introduction of these tasty and nutritional thickshake options, mothers would truly breathe a sigh of relief and would be stress-free about feeding nutritional snacks to their children.