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Décor Wows for your Dining Space this Diwali

25 October 2019 , 0 comments / 0 likes

The festival of lights is almost here and you want to open your house to relatives and friends. Since food plays a significant role for any festival, creating a beautiful setting goes a long way in making wonderful memories. At the Home Chef Matters, interior designer and celebrity columnist Nisha JamVwal spoke about ways to make your dining space inviting and choosing the right accessories to make entertaining fun.

Here are decor ideas that will add cheer to your holiday dinner.

Kitchen Layout

According to JamVwal, Indian kitchens are very inconvenient for entertaining guests at home. Whether you rent or own a house, everybody wants to make the most use of a functional kitchen. The relaxed and welcoming California style kitchen is the way to go for small spaces. She suggests, “When I came back to India years ago, I opted for California style kitchen by knocking off an entire wall but retaining the pony wall (half wall) for a granite and marble platform.” If you are looking at big or small gatherings at home, a welcoming kitchen island with a granite top works perfectly. “This means there’s ample room for people to gather around and chat while the chef gets to work,” she says.

Maximize Seating

A dining space can be much more than just a place to dine. JamVwal, who is known for her rich interiors explains, “Opt for chairs that are versatile.” One solution to fitting more people is to use group seating. “For extra seating, break down the wall facing outdoors and incorporate an edgy seat which can accommodate 10 people easily,” she says.

Bring on the Drama

A dining table is actually the perfect surface to add some drama. The unwritten rule of décor is to make dining table centerpieces standout. Make a striking statement with inexpensive decorations and ornaments to wow guests. “It is not just your festive plate but the overall entertaining experience that matters. Create a festive holiday table by adding bold embellishments like oversized napkin rings and candles. I love to shop for quirky ornaments from quaint places. During Diwali, I scatter these ornaments on the dining table for that extra edge.”

Statement Sideboards

Dining room furniture can be both functional and dramatic. Colourful or neutral, discerning homeowners can invest in intriguing sideboards with enticing finishes. JamVwal suggests to liven up a space by incorporating two sideboards next to the dining table – one for the main course and the other for desserts.

So what’s your décor idea for entertaining this Diwali? Share your comments below.