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Sweeten the deal with these inventive cotton candy dishes

25 June 2019 , 0 comments / 0 likes
Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of eating candy floss or cotton candy and carnivals and fun fairs? This sticky, sweet childhood classic has now found its way into restaurants, pubs and cafes and is enthralling children and adults alike by lending itself to whimsical and fantastic creations. Inventive chefs have found several innovative ways of incorporating cotton candy in the most unusual dishes to create ethereal culinary masterpieces.

Cotton candy or spun sugar is made by spinning sugar in a machine. The sugar melts into sugar syrup and the spinning head of the machine forces the syrup into tiny holes where it solidifies in to long skinny strands of sugar. A cloud of candy floss can be made with just a handful of sugar and other ingredients for flavour and colour.

Cotton candy’s popularity has caught the imagination of chefs around the world and a wave of cotton candy inspired dishes has swept across the world. Millennials love this food fad for being delicious and extremely Instagram-friendly. Who can resist a dish or drink topped with a fluffy cloud of pure sugar? Here are some exciting (not to mention, pretty) cotton candy dishes that you should try next.

Cotton candy cocktails

Cotton candy in cocktails is very popular with the candy adding drama and sweetness to the drink. Next time you are out with friends, or having a party at home, add a bit of magic to your party with a cotton candy cocktail.

The cotton candy can be placed in the glass and when you pour the drink into the glass, the sugar melts leaving behind oodles of flavour and colour. The best part: it works well with any kind of cocktail, from margaritas to champagne shots!

Candy floss desserts

Just like candy floss cocktails have captured the imagination of the people, candy floss desserts are equally compelling. A hugely popular trend, candy floss has been used in desserts of every type from cupcakes to dessert shots, from cakes to fudge, and milkshakes to doughnuts! A fluffy sweet cloud of candy can do wonders to make any dessert look more magical than before.

Cotton candy coffee

Cotton candy in beverages like coffee and tea is another innovation that is catching the attention of millennials across the world. Skewer a bit of cotton candy and place it across the rim of a cup that has milk inside. Pour hot coffee or tea over the candy; the sugar melts into the milk to create a bit of drama before drinking a great cup of coffee (or tea).

Spun sugar breakfast

For the sweet-toothed amongst us, a sweet breakfast is perhaps the best meal of the day. Light up a child’s day or bring out your inner child with pancakes, waffles or French toast topped with fruits and cotton candy. What better way to start your day!

Cotton candy ice cream

The earliest adapters of the cotton candy trend were the ice cream shops. Delicious ice creams served in a cloud of cotton candy caught the imagination of the people and spawned a series of candy-inspired dishes.

Cotton candy burrito

The latest candy confection to hit the shops, the cotton candy burrito is your favourite ice cream, sprinkles, and candy wrapped in a sweet cotton candy cloud and rolled up to look like a burrito out of heaven.

What do you think of the cotton candy food trend - Yay or nay? Which is your favourite cotton candy incorporated dish? Let us know in the comments below.