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Five tips to turn your passion for baking into a profitable venture

14 November 2018 , 0 comments / 0 likes
Baking is a thriving business. A home baker can capitalise on the growing market as much as a chef in a fancy hotel. However, it’s a cutthroat market and home bakers need to adopt the right approach to take their business to places. Here are five pointers from Home Baker Matters on how to make home baking a successful business

1) Focus on good equipment: A good warrior, no matter how skilled, will be ineffective if not provided with the right weapons. The same stands true when it comes to baking. Getting the best equipment for the best results should be a priority. The very best in the business also vouch for that. “Please invest in a good oven and a good tabletop mixer. I can’t stress on that enough because a good oven makes a difference,” says celebrity Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, Culinary Director of Lavaash by Saby.

2) Knowledge and innovation: Home bakers who intend to turn baking into a profitable venture need to see it more than just a hobby. Their quest to increase their knowledge and innovate with their recipes should never stop. As chef and Entrepreneur Abhijit Saha explains, “For home bakers, technical courses such as masterclasses held by chefs are significant. Read books that are meant for cooks to change your hobby into professional cooking. Try developing new trends which will help you stand out in the market.”

3) Cater to your audience: A home baker needs to be aware of their audience. After all, a strong customer base will fuel the growth of your business. Food blogger Monika Manchanda’s mantra for success revolves around this principle. She says, “As home bakers, our happiness while cooking is important. However, we should also step out of our shoes and think of our client’s happiness. What is the food that gives them happiness and are you delivering that? You might not follow the Keto diet, but if your client wants a cake that is compliant with it, you have to bake it.”

4) Marketing can make (or break) your business: Home bakers must make the most of the marketing tools available to them. Social media is one of the best and relatively inexpensive ways of boosting your business. It has a deep penetration in society and it gives home bakers the opportunity to post both photos and innovative videos of their recipes. Home baker Zahan Gafoor says, “Social media is really important, you can sell anything on it. Instagram is a handy tool for brand building. When I have an extra tray of brownies, I post an Insta story with a call to action of Order Now.”

5) A good product always sells: As a baker, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure that your recipe meets the highest standards of baking. A happy customer not only returns to you but also brings along another potential customer. That’s the power of word of mouth. Home baker, Megna Jain, and Co-founder of Plattershare, Kirti Yadav, back this theory. “Before social media, it was the word of mouth which compelled people to try something. It is a long road to gain the trust of your customers, but genuine reviews will help your product,” says Kirti. Megna also talks about how word of mouth can help improve your presence on restaurant search and food discovery platforms like Zomato. She says, “On Zomato, if you list yourself for Discovery, and if you have a good rating, your name will appear higher up in the list. Good word of mouth will help you grow organically and your orders will increase.”

What else do you think could help a home baker increase business? Share your tips with us below.