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Inspiration to set food resolutions 2020

24 January 2020 , 0 comments / 16 likes


The dawn of New Year calls for new resolution. Food resolutions are gaining popularity, and the trend is here to stay. Some people want to focus on eating healthy food, others wish to try different cuisines, while there are many who plan to experiment with new recipes. Here are some food resolutions for 2020 that you might want to draw inspiration from.

Eat with people and not with gadgets
Yes, this resolution seems rather difficult to follow in 2020. But for once, just give it a try. Find company on the table at your workplace. Some of the most interesting conversations happen when you share a meal with someone. Make it a point to keep your gadgets a few feet away from your plate. Enjoy your meals with family talking about the positive things around you. Mindful eating will help you relish your food more.

Ditch loyalty to explore a new place
Try a new food joint whenever you eat out. As interesting as it may sound, this one needs a strong self-control too. There may be times when you would want to just go back to your favourite restaurant or play safe by getting food delivered from a place that’s tried and tested. But be strict on yourself and make an effort to stick to your food resolution. Remember, there are no cheat days allowed here!

Experiment in the kitchen
Treat your kitchen as a science laboratory and call yourself a scientist (think big!). Have the apparatus ready. Follow the step-by-step procedure. Get, set, and go! Trying out new recipes gives a different kind of high altogether. It’s definitely a bonus if they taste good. Moreover, they earn us brownie points on our Insta-stories!

Bring out the kid in you
As kids, we were always curious to learn new things. This year, you can bring out the kid in you and dedicate a day every week to know more about foods that interest you. Do some research, read about their history, discuss them with your peers, and learn more about the benefits associated with them. This exercise will grow your fondness towards these foods and will also help you nourish your mind along with the body.

Include food in your travel itinerary
Vacations and weekend getaways have become important aspects of our lives. Many of us get excited about a trip right from the time the idea is conceived. While preparing an itinerary, you can include details about specific dishes and food joints that you will be trying. Don’t shy away from asking for recommendations about the local specialities. Take time out to enjoy the local food of the destination to create lasting memories of the trip.

Are there any food resolutions that you have made in 2020? Please share with us in the comments section below.