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I am my own Godfather: Chef Varun Inamdar

From being India’s first chef with a registered fan club to treating the Royal Family of Kuwait, Chef Varun Inamdar has had an exciting journey....Read More
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Chefs' and Bloggers' take on a local ingredient that can make it big globally

At FBAI Dialogues, celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani spoke about the growing craze for desi ingredients among millennials. And we saw how our humble haldi doodh...Read More
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Challenges make you strong, says Shri Bala

Chef, chartered accountant, food history researcher, blogger and author — Shri Bala wears several hats. Her journey as a chef has seen her cook delicious...Read More
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I love food; I love teaching even more, says Chef Rakhee Vaswani

Unlike most of her peers, Chef Rakhee Vaswani does not dream of owning a restaurant. Instead, she prefers teaching and moulding aspiring chefs. In a...Read More
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The opportunities and challenges for home chefs to sustainably scale up business

Setting up a business is just the first step for a home chef. Scaling it up and sustaining it is a whole different ballgame altogether....Read More
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Chef Parvinder Bali on why the cuisine of Patiala is so special

Watch Chef Parvinder Bali of the Trident Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) share secrets of the little-known cuisine from the royal kitchens of Patiala. Find out...Read More
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