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4 handy tips to shoot an amazing microwave cooking video!

23 July 2018 , 0 comments / 1 likes
Food chronicling has evolved with time and how! We all have traditional family recipes that have been passed down through generations orally and through memories. Then came cook books followed by television and finally a digital twist that changed the game of food chronicling. Videos started taking over.

The sound of the metal clinking, the pressure cooker whistle, the sizzling while frying is like a little orchestra playing. While these sounds during traditional cooking techniques can be easily captured on videos, when it comes to microwave cooking, it could be challenging. You must counter the reflective surface of the door to show the food cooking clearly, the lighting has to be absolutely on-spot and a certain shooting depth has to be maintained.

We caught up with Ruchi Shrivastava, Founder - Greed Goddess Media, which is known for its innovative and path breaking food programming and food content creation.  Ruchi, as a television producer and documentary filmmaker, has managed to seamlessly get food and media to work together through TV shows, special food events and brand vignettes. At recently concluded Culinary Chroniclers Conclave, Godrej Appliances organized a masterclass on ‘Setting up a Microwave Video Shoot in your Kitchen’. Addressing this session, Ruchi doled out her expert tips on shooting some amazing microwave cooking videos. Here they are..

  1. Microwave doors often have a reflective surface which highlights the surroundings or the person shooting the video and not the food. To counter this, it is important first break down the shoot in two parts. In the first part, shoot the process of the food being prepped.

  2. In the second part, shoot the food placed in the microwave with the door open. To do this, place the camera to the side opposite to which the door opens. If your door opens to the left, place the camera on the right at 45o angle to the door and around five metres away. This placement gives your video a depth which is often difficult to find in compact kitchens. Avoid taking shots of you placing the food in the microwave at this stage.

  3. Now switch on the microwave and shoot the food revolving inside. To shoot this part, place the camera opposite to the first placement. It is best if you take a similar shot again after the food has cooked a little as it helps in showing the progression.

  4. While taking shots of you placing food in the microwave, take mock shots, the camera can follow you to the microwave or simply use two trays.

If you have faced any challenges while shooting food videos, feel free to share them with us. We will help you out!