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6 steps to becoming a culinary video star

16 August 2018 , 0 comments / 0 likes
Ever wondered how chefs on small screens create content that appeals to almost everyone? They undoubtedly channelise inner confidence and style. But there’s a lot more that goes into becoming a culinary video star.

Varun Inamdar, Celebrity Chef and Host-The Bombay Show, shared interesting tips on how to create food videos that reign on the World Wide Web at the recently held Vikhroli Cucina Season 4 - Culinary Chronicles Conclave.

1. Content rules: Remember that content will always rule. Create quality content that adds value to the offering. Let the purpose drive your content strategy. Study your audience and their behavioural patterns. Aim to solve their problems to reach out and engage with them.

2. Interactive content: Create content that helps you interact with your audience. Social media offers excellent tools to help you engage with your audience. Use your smartphones to go live. Interact with your audience to establish a rapport and drive engagement and views.

3. Content marketing: Just creating great content without a well thought out marketing plan is a big mistake while creating a mark in the online world. While content dictates your engagement rates, a content marketing strategy coupled with SEO and SEM strategies can give your videos the desired push. These strategies improve your reach, encourage engagement and also generate leads.

4. Brand perspective: The evolution of content consumption has created a space for brand integration. Brands are willing to explore this online real estate. However, while creating branded content, it is important to become one with the brand. You need to understand the brand psychology, its voice and tone. Create content which reflects brand personality.

5. Digital platforms: If the content is king, distribution is queen. It is important to understand the content and the distribution platforms. The audience and their needs are different on each platform. Customise the content packaging according to each target group and platform.

6. Using social media: Social media is a great tool to increase your video views and website traffic. But it is important to use it as a supplement. Do not design your strategy around it. Your strategy should focus on content. Use social media as monitoring and listening tool to understand your audience.

Boost engagement and views on your videos with these tips and if you have some tips, share them with us!