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6 unconventional props you must use in food photography

27 July 2018 , 0 comments / 0 likes

Kitchen-photography-props-1.jpg What tastes better than food that is delicious? Food that looks good! And that’s precisely why you must ensure that food you are documenting or shooting looks its best. Gone are the days of topping your gravies with finely chopped coriander leaves, a splash of cream or a sprig of mint leaves! It’s time to up your food game and attract foodies and viewers with drool-worthy food pictures

To think out of the box, look into the box. Give your kitchen cabinets, cupboards and attics a thorough glance and dig up some old and quirky items and use them in your shoots. It’s easy-breezy and not as daunting as it sounds.  At the recently held Culinary Chroniclers Conclave, we caught up with Ruchi Shrivastava, Founder - Greed Goddess Media, during a workshop on ‘Setting up a Microwave Video Shoot in your Kitchen’ by Godrej Appliances, to explore readily available items that can be used as props while styling food. Here is the list of such quirky items that would come in handy

1. Your grandmom’s brass vessel: Each recipe has a story, especially the ones that have been passed down through generations. When you are cooking a family recipe, go the traditional route and plate it in a brass kadai. You can also use brass containers filled with masalas you used in your recipe. Keep their lids open and place them in the background. Brass never disappoints and the magic it creates with light, paints a captivating picture.

2. The thrift store spoon: Stroll through your local thrift store and scout for some unique spoons and ladles with intricate details on their handles. Leave it in the vessel while clicking the picture, let the details on its grip do the trick.

3. The roots to the rescue: This trick comes in handy when you are cooking food akin to a particular state. Use a piece of jewellery or an object which defines the state while shooting. If you are steaming Modaks, use a Maharashtrian Nath in your plating. If a Rajasthani Gatte Ki Sabji is bubbling in your kitchen, use sand to illustrate the rustic flavour.

4. The last cup: We all have that one last cup from the set of six - used too much but too pretty to throw away. Use it to make English puddings or cakes especially when your serving size is small. Place it against an old book or an old photograph to enhance that old-world charm and induce a sense of nostalgia in your viewer.

5. That colourful dupatta: Who knew the dupatta could also be used as a prop to enhance a food photograph! Pick a colourful dupatta or one in a solid colour and let it lie in the background of your picture. Use plates or pots in neutral tones such a beige while using colourful dupattas in your shots.

6. The good ol’ kitchen cloth: If you love spending time in the kitchen, then the kitchen cloth is probably your best friend. How about giving it some limelight too? Place it aesthetically in the background or on the side of your crockpot. Blur it a little while editing your shots and there you have a photograph which tells you a story about how the food was handled.

So make your food shots a visual treat with these tips and if you have some tricks and tips of our own, share them with us!