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Six delicious soups to spice up your rainy day

31 July 2017 , 0 comments / 2 likes
The rainy season brings in a lot of joy and excitement. It is a perfect time to relish something hot & delicious and spend hours just watching the rains. While a steaming cup of chai to go with a sizzling plate of pakoras are top of the mind of millions, the cravings of a foodie are innumerous. Warm, tasty and downright slurp-a-licious, soups are one of them. They are healthy, filling, soothing and a perfect shot for a rainy day.
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Soup is a hearty meal in itself. Vegetables, meats, spices, pasta, rice - all this and more can be used to make your soup wholesome. It is very easy to prepare, just play with your ingredients and relish this delicious meal to enjoy the warmth on a rainy day!

Here are some variations listed for you to warm up a rainy day. Go on, slurp!

Spinach and garlic soup: Full of flavour, a rich source of vitamins A and K, and a great way to get children to eat spinach, this soup takes just a few minutes to make. Sauté crushed garlic, onion and ginger in a spoonful of butter or olive oil. Add spinach leaves and water, season with salt and pepper. In a couple of minutes the vegetables will be cooked. Puree the cooked veggies and serve hot, with a dab of cream on top. To make it extra-special, sprinkle with garlic slivers crisp-fried in butter.

Tomato and kale soup: The good ol’ tomato soup with a hint of health. Kale, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, brings a great change to the taste and nourishment of this soup. Sauté garlic and ginger in butter or olive oil, with onion and chilli. Add the tomatoes, water, and a pinch of sugar to balance the acidity. Boil and then reduce to a simmer. Wash kale leaves, take off the tough centre vein, slice them and add to the simmering mix. Cook until the tomatoes are very soft and the kale is completely wilted – this should take about ten minutes. Puree and serve hot with croutons. Top with strips of deep fried or oven baked kale chips.

Chicken noodle soup – Loaded with vitamin C, this soup is supposed to be a cure-all. Boil chicken with the bones in a pot of water, adding a few cloves of garlic, a chopped onion, ginger, pepper, salt and a few cloves. You may add star anise for an Asian influence. When the chicken is cooked, strain the soup and serve over noodles. Garnish it with some coriander leaves for a fresh hit. Chicken soup usually takes hours to make, but this is a quick version. You may use seasonings like soy sauce, red chilli sauce, chilli vinegar, as per choice to this clear soup. You may want to try the same variety with ready-to-use crab meat.

Dal soup: Very Indian, very delicious, very healthy, and full of proteins this soup makes a simple alternative. Sauté crushed ginger, garlic and chilli in ghee. Add moong dal and cook in water until very soft. Add more water to get the consistency you want for your soup. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve very hot, topped with a dollop of ghee. To make it more interesting, top with a spoonful of kachumber – chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber, ginger, chilli, coriander leaves, salt and lots of lemon.

Avocado soup: Puree avocado with the juice of half a lemon. Add salt, pepper and stock – chicken or vegetable. Blend until smooth. Sauté chopped onions and garlic in butter. Chill the avocado puree and serve topped with the onion-garlic mixture. Add some crisp-fried tortilla strips for a Tex-Mex touch. This soup is a good way of getting the ‘good’ fats that avocado contains.

Beetroot soup: The Russians traditionally use beetroot, which is a very good detoxifying agent, for their soups. They cook it in meat stock as a winter meal. Make a lighter and quicker version using a pressure cooker. Cook beetroot, onion, garlic and carrots until very soft. Puree and bring it a boil with salt and lots of pepper. You may add chicken or vegetable stock if you like. Top with a bit of cream or yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon. Serve hot with crunchy toast.

What’s your favourite soup? If you have a unique recipe, do share it with us.