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Spice up your summers with a traditional Sindhi mango pickle

04 May 2017 , 0 comments / 3 likes
The humble mango pickle or aam ka achaar evokes nostalgia like none other. This kitchen staple is also a common thread through most communities throughout the country: step into any kitchen and you’re sure to find a variant of it.

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Food writer, Author, and curator of all things delicious, got together with the food community to celebrate #AamAchaarDay on 22nd April. As part of the celebrations, Rushina and her team organised a fun event at the APB Cook Studio with regional cuisine experts who showcased mango pickles from their communities.

Usha Wadhwa was one of the participants who made a Sindhi ‘Bheendi Khatti’ or Kadookash pickle of grated mango. This is a piquant pickle of grated mango bursting with spices, that is iconic to robust Sindhi Cuisine. Try making this spicy grated mango pickle and let us know how it turns out!

Makes 2½-3 kg of pickle
Time taken: 1 hour
Raw Rajapuri mangoes 2½ kg, grated
Mustard oil 200 ml
Sindhi Mango pickle masala 250g [available at Shree Shankar Stores fondly known as Ochi Stores, Khar(West)]
Garlic cloves 1 cup, peeled
Pickling salt 1000g
Chilli powder to taste
Acetic acid 3 tsp

Heat the mustard oil in a pan on high heat, till it begins smoking. Remove the pan off the flame and allow it to cool completely. Place the grated mangoes in a large bowl. Add, the pickle masala, garlic cloves, salt and mix well. Add the cooled mustard oil. Mix well. Taste and adjust chilli and salt if required. Add the acetic acid and mix well. Transfer to a jar and close tightly. Leave in a sunny spot. The pickle will be ready to eat in 1 week.