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A walnut salad to keep you hale and hearty

12 April 2018 , 0 comments / 1 likes
It’s natural to get anxious as the wedding bells begin to ring. Food that can detox the body and let you feel fresh is a great way to prepare for your upcoming wedding. Nutrition rich diet helps you achieve that ultimate glow for the Big Day! Up your energy quotient by following this simple recipe to make a pasta salad topped with walnut and carrot leaves pesto. It’s yummy, yet light on the tummy!

Serves: 4


The Pesto
California Walnuts 100g
Arugula leaves 100g
Basil leaves 25g
Garlic 1 clove
Olive oil to taste
Salt to taste
Black pepper a pinch

The Salad

Pasta 200g
California Walnut pesto 100g
Arugula leaves 20g
Basil leaves 20g
Strawberries 100g
Canned sundried tomato petals 12
California walnuts 100g
Red onion 1
Green and black olives 12
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Sherry vinegar to taste
Salt to taste
Black pepper a pinch

To prepare the pesto, mix all of its ingredients in a bowl. Grind the mixture until it forms a creamy paste but still has a slightly grainy texture.

Start the salad preparation by boiling the pasta according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Drain it and allow it to cool. Peel the red onion and cut into thin slices. Drain the excess oil from the sundried tomato petals. Cut the strawberries into halves. Now mix all the ingredients, except the walnut pesto, in a large bowl. Season this mixture with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add a splash of olive oil and sherry vinegar to it.

The pasta salad is ready for serving. Once plated, top it by spreading the walnut pesto.

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What detox dishes do you prefer? Share your favourite one with us in the comments section below.