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Why freshly cooked home food matters

11 December 2017 , 0 comments / 0 likes

Let’s face it; our comfort food is what we eat at home. Whether it’s a traditional family recipe or something our mums whipped up, the satisfaction of freshly cooked home food is undeniable. Here are a few quick bytes from food experts from Home Chef Matters 2.0 – Lost Recipes that will have you convinced of the charm of getting back to the roots of our cooking - a healthy and fresh home cooked meal!

“We had a great discussion with an eminent panel that represented the food ecosystem at the Home Chef Matters event. Perspectives and insights on would India vote for ‘Fresh’ only reaffirmed what we at Godrej Nature’s believe, that yes, cooking and eating fresh will be a trend that will not only continue but see an upswing in India. In our country, where we have grown up in a culture where fresh meals and home cooked food is the norm, it is not surprising why this trend is here to stay. At Godrej Nature’s Basket, since we’ve realigned our strategic positioning to focus on fresh, we have observed a marked increase in this segment. Today, close to 60% of our revenue comes from this, again reiterating what our panelists said.”


Madhulika Kaul, Head, Strategy and Business Development, Godrej Nature’s Basket

“I have fresh food every single day. I do eat out, but there is the nourishment aspect of food that we all need to take charge of. We have to understand that we are the ones that can take care of our future. That is why I cook for myself every day.”

Anjali Pathak, Head, Flavour Diaries

“Eating out is balanced with home cooking. I will cook for myself and for my family five days a week and the other two days I may go out. Home food is very important for me and I know that I cook good, healthy food for my family. It is also important to buy local produce, which is what our previous generations ate.”

Ankiet Gulabani, Food blogger and social media influencer

“Indian food is just so diverse and it’s brilliant if you can bring different aspects of Indian foods to your kitchen. For me, simplicity backed by flavour are the most important aspects of home cooking. The best thing is to cook at home and experiment with different local ingredients.”

Chef Irfan Pabaney, Chef and Co-owner, The Sassy Spoon

“You know how they say, ‘eat what your grandmother would eat and don’t eat what she doesn’t recognise as food.’ While we have explored more foods than them, their basic principles must guide you. Because it’s already there in our cuisine and connects generations.”

Amrita Rana, Food blogger