Vikhroli Cucina

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Where to go this Valentine’s Day

From fine dining to casual and traditional to experiential, we’ve rounded up some of the most romantic experiences for you and your loved one. Here...Read More
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Ah-mazing gifts to impress your special someone on Valentine’s Day

Feeling a little nervous about what to gift your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Would a bumper box of chocolates and heart adorned cards be...Read More
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Add these heritage hotels' restaurants to your gastronome bucket list

India’s historic heritage hotels today are not only offering a walk down memory lane, but also an opportunity to dine like royalty. Explore these iconic...Read More
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Five ideas to get a picky eater to try turmeric milk!

Golden milk, turmeric milk, golden latte: so many names for the humble haldi doodh which now finds itself in a new avatar on social media...Read More
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A healthy snack break is all you need to stay productive at work!

When in doubt, take a snack break. When in good mood, take a snack break. There are hundreds of reasons to take a snack break...Read More
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Must-try bite sized fritters from across India to make your winter days enjoyable

What’s a steaming cup of chai without piping hot pakoras? Winters make one crave for comfort foods and every region has its version of fritter...Read More
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Do you know what these world leaders enjoy eating?

Film personalities, sports stars and politicians – we all love to read more about their personal lives to know them better. As the common belief...Read More
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